Friday, September 02, 2005


The gas "shortage" could be solved in a instance. It would raise a big stink but it would work. Can you imagine a politician with the guts to do it?

If President Bush were to say that until further notice, he asks all gas stations to join a special relief effort. The stations should charge an extra $1 per gallon and donate it to the relief effort. The idea is to discourage unnecessary toping off and unnecessary driving, to eliminate the shortage and to raise money for those in need.

The politicians, such as the Governor of North Carolina, who threaten prosecution for price gouging do us all a disservice. If gas is available there is no need for the hoarding that is going on all over the country. Allowing the market to work is the answer. My wife and I have driven very little in the past 5 days and we will drive very little until production and transportation are restored. We have not run out to top off our tanks. In fact the last gas we purchased was for $2.49 per gallon. Supply and demand always works when the politicians stay out of the way.

The idea of encouraging an extra $1 is an intervention needed to change the thinking that has been forced upon the station owners by politicians in past years. How can it be that any American believes that business is a dirty word? Americans in particular should understand that businesses do a service by charging the market price. Americans should also understand that at some point the station will lose money. Allowing some folks to buy below market and then closing the station down is a disservice-service to the entire community. There are 100s of millions of gallons of gas sitting in topped off tanks right now while there are other folks driving extra miles searching for a station with gas to sell.

No the politicians probably will not encourage higher prices even for a relief fund but you can do your part. Cut your consumption as much as possible and send in a donation to your favorite relief charity. There are people hurting that will appreciate your help!