Friday, September 02, 2005


Which calling plan will you choose?

Land line--$30 per month with caller ID plus 8 cents per minute long distance--$75.
Cable VoIP--$39 per month with many features and unlimited long distance--$39.
Phone Company VoIP--similar to cable, each offers a bundled price--$39.
Vonage VoIP--$25 per month with many features and unlimited long distance--$25.
Cell Phone--$30 per month plus extra feature charges plus 15 cents over 500 min $50.
Skype VoIP--$00 per month except for special features plus 2 cents for skypeout--$10.
Google VoIP--$00 per month for computer and perhaps free computer to phone--$00.

And yet, Google will make a lot of money off advertising!

Even if Google charges 2 cents per minute to call outside the internet, the cost will be substantially below Vonage, Cable and Telephone systems. As time passes more and more calls will be free calls as more and more people carry handheld computers.

One of the many rumors circulating is that Google plans to buy Palm. If Google is truly setting up to be an ISP, then why not offer hand held computer-phones? I can't tell you what Google will buy. The 4 billion cash may not be the total purchase price. For example, Sprint, after swallowing Nextel, has a market cap of $37 Billion. Google has plenty of shares to offer if that is what it wants to do.

Several of my friends and family accounts added to their Google holdings today. DO THE GOOGLE GULP!


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