Sunday, November 15, 2009

In Like a Lion: Out Like a Lamb

January 2009, the USA saw the loss of  741,000 jobs. The average monthly loss for 2009 will come-in around 373,000 per month. In December, the loss should be around 100,000. 2009 came in like a lion will leave like a lamb. The recession is over. It will be all the more obvious when employment, one of the most lagging of indicators, begins to rise, early in 2010. Below the fold is an informative table, brought to you by the free John Mauldin newsletter.

In a relatively free economy, (the US is gradually becoming less free), there is a constant battle of Schumpeterian old job loss and Schumpeterian new job gains. With the steady improvement in robotic manufacturing techniques, we should expect the number of manufacturing jobs to continue to decline. Tell your children and grandchildren to get an advanced college degree that leads to a service profession as all the "stuff" we need is going to be made for us.

The average loss of 373,000 jobs hides the millions more jobs that were lost and replaced by new jobs in America. By the way, have you seen the Panasonic dish washing robot? Awesome!  Place your dirty dishes on the counter top and the machine takes over! Now we need mass production (putting more robots to work) to bring the price down.  Anyway, keep the mind the important concept that the jobs report is a net figure. All kinds of service professionals get new jobs daily.

My new job is with Cellular Sales, the largest and best Verizon Authorized Dealer. We will soon open our 300th store and we should open store number 1,000 in 5 or 6 years (Verizon has over 700 company stores, but the professional sales consultants reside at the best Authorized Dealers). How sweet it is to be part of the Verizon team. During my training, I have found the nerdy little guy's question, "Can you hear me now" to speak great "truth". A few years ago, my family finally switched to Verizon. Our good experience influenced me to apply at Cellular Sales.

Our team offers the biggest and most reliable network, top quality phones from top manufacturers and me. As the public gradually switches from "dumb phones" to "smartphones", I will help them avoid the cell phone pitfall.  It is very easy for the unknowing to get talked into a two-year contract for a junk phone on a weak network. The usefulness of the mobile internet is growing by leaps and bounds. As a result, there are more than 200 million people in the US who would benefit if they would buy a smart phone.

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