Saturday, September 19, 2009

Snooping Through the Trash

The volume of Tweets is growing exponentially. The things one can learn from Tweets is quite amazing. The mundane example might be how long the wait time at a retail health clinic or an oil lube shop. One new interesting use is snooping through a persons trash!

 Investigators and spies have proven that you can find out every detail of a person's life by snooping through his trash. Many divorce lawyers have won settlements by the knowledge gained from trash cans. Most computer users are well aware of the constant attempts made to infect machines in order to learn every detail about a person. Marketers really want to know if you mention Cracker Jacks or Papa John's Pizza.

Tweets are powerful because they are broadcasts. Often times a single tweet makes no sense without context, but the person who tweets every move he makes builds a digital trash trail. A new app, called, compiles the trash of any one tweeter to build a marketing profile.

There are two sides to every story.  Internet users have shown a strong preference for minimal advertising. Targeted advertising is a benefit to the consumer and the advertiser. Through targeted advertising, consumers can "pay for" services while cutting total advertising bombardment by 90%. Advertisers can boost the effectiveness of their ads by about 90%.

In recent years, cable TV stations, that were stated on the theory that paid TV would result in less advertisement, have been filled with adds. Reduce the amount of required advertising necessary to see a show and marketers can look through my trash as much as they want.


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