Saturday, September 19, 2009

Google Versus Microsoft

Google continues to gain ground in areas where Microsoft has held monopoly numbers. Google is offering innovative solutions at very low prices. In one area after another Google is forcing Microsoft to change...

...strategy. Microsoft Office products are being offered as online competition to Google Docs. Microsoft has started offering phones that are not based on Windows software. The Chrome OS and Google Wave have not even hit the market yet. You should buy all the Google shares you can.

One of the ways you can tell that you should buy Google shares is the misdirection being provided by news media whores.  As the Microsoft -- Yahoo deal is implemented, Microsoft Bing is showing steady market share gains as Comcast and Yahoo searches move to Bing. Microsoft has spent more than 100 million dollars marketing Bing and the result has been a tiny loss of market share by Google.

The headlines posted by Microsoft shills are about the "22% jump in Bing market share". The impression given is that Microsoft is eating Google's lunch. Just in case you have not noticed, there has not been a recession in Internet 2.0. Yes, one can find metrics that show there has been a recession (such as Internet advertising revenues), but the world is going mobile rapidly (the abandonment of landlines is accelerating) and Google stands to benefit. Only 56% of Europeans use the Internet. Soon pocket computers will be as cheap and as common as calculators. Internet advertising revenues will average high double digit rates over the next 10 years!  


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