Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Google Preparing to Neuter Microsoft Monopoly

A couple of years ago, MSFT's browser market share was better than 90%. Today, MSFT holds a 67% share. The problem for MSFT is that it behaved like monopolist do. It stopped discovering what its customers wanted and instead soaked them for excess profits. Google is preparing to serve-up a much better...

...experience to MSFT customers.

Google has written a plug-in for MSFT's E-8 browser that allows software developers to easily work around MSFT. MSFT customers will be able to access Google Chrome from within MSFT's browser. The benefits will include higher speed of results and wonderful new results.

It is fun to say, "The King is dead! Long live the King!, but in reality Google and Microsoft will battle with companies such as Apple, Facebook and Amazon for the number one spot in various computer related sectors for years to come. MSFT has finally taken a little bit of the search market from Google, Apple has garnered about 97% of the music market and Google is preparing an all out blitz on the browser and OS market.  

Have you seen the demo of the new MSFT tablet? It looks neat and powerful! It is reminiscent of my old Daytimer. My oh my, comparing a Daytimer to this new tablet is like comparing a soap box derby racer to an F-22 fighter jet. There is a video at Gizmodo. Details, including price, are not yet available, but today's small computers are said to be one million times more powerful than early computers that cost a million times as much! Computers that once filled up a large building, now fit in an pocket phone and will soon fit in an eye glass frame!

Google shares have risen 50% in about 6 months. The economic recovery is going to send electronic advertising revenues through the roof. Perhaps it is paradoxical, but the Internet is increasing the effectiveness of advertising and the volume of it. Google is in a growth industry and it is growing its total market share.

Believe it or not, over the next 30 years, most Africa countries will develop robust middle classes! Hunger and suffering are the result of ignorance. Knowledge is spreading at broadband speed to more and more of the most remote corners of the world. Google is working to dramatically lower the cost of information delivery. Google seeks to benefit it's shareholders by increasing the availability of knowledge. Societies benefit the most when the actions of individuals and companies help others by helping themselves.

Lao Tzu, who may have lived sometime between 600 BC and 300 BC, is credited with the saying, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime".  As a result of the availability of low cost communications, people around the world are "learning how to fish".

For the good of mankind, I look forward to seeing the extra low priced, WiFi enabled, computing tablets that will be common, around the world, in only two or three years! Go Google Go!      


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