Monday, June 06, 2005

What eBay Could Learn From Craigslist - New York Times

What eBay Could Learn From Craigslist - New York Times


Craigslist is a 99.2% free classified web based advertisement site. It has grown dramatically. EBAY owns a 25% interest and has opened similar sites in many cities around the world.

Newspaper stocks are down. Knight-Ridder has aggressively moved to meet the internet challenge but the snow ball is rolling down hill. Page views at Craigslist, Google, Yahoo, EBay and elsewhere are growing rapidly.

operates its sites with only 18 employees! Productivity-Productivity-Productivity! Folks still have a hard time appreciating that it cost virtually nothing to post an add on the internet (so cheap that Craigslist offers almost all adds free). Those who pay $35 to Wachovia bank to trade a stock on line simply do not realize that the cost is virtually nothing for the transaction (the $2 exchange fee is 99.99% of the cost).

We plan to hold Google, Yahoo, EBAY,AMZN, AMTD and ETrade long-long-long term. Those who do not own should average-in gradually and in proportion to a portfolio of 25 other good companies that sell at lower multiples.