Thursday, June 02, 2005

Ripping Off The System

Ripping Off The System

I have often chuckled over the "senior subsidy". I have a couple of multi-millionaire friends who love to get free coffee and other senior benefits. These guys are rich largely because they have been careful spenders for 80 plus years each.

I, like Walter E. Williams, have nothing against seniors. What disturbs me is to see an obviously relatively poor father of three children paying full price at a cheap fast food restaurant while wealthy old fellows get a discount. One can not blame the recipients of the discount but the discount is misguided.

The problem is not solvable because "The poor will always be with us", but I like my daughter's answer. When she notices a family in line behind her at a drive through window, she picks up the tab. Can you imagine the happy face when the driver learns his debt is paid!