Monday, June 13, 2005


Hollywood's Swap Meet [ Motley Fool Take] June 8, 2005

Gamestop is swapping for profits. One of our Stock of the Week selections on our companion site, GME, has been swapping games for profits. GME is the biggest retail outlet of computer games. Teens love video games--for a while. When they tire of a couple of old games, the simple solution is to trade them in at GME for another used game or even on a new one.

Since we posted the stock as a SOW selection, March 15, 2004, the stock is up 63%! USG is up 46% since February 1 and TEAM is up 27% since April 13.

For the past several weeks, we have had just too much fun riding the airlines. The airlines were largely responsible for taking our accounts to all time net new highs. Now that these have slowed, it is nice to mention a few of the lessor know stocks that have done well.

The BULL is RUNNING! There is little excitement in the market today but the indexes are inching up. Those who are waiting for the BULL to come back home before joining the stampede may never see this herd again.

We purchased more FON last week and are enjoying the nice move in our NXTL and FON shares. SRZ is another one that has made a nice move.

Please visit our SOW site often. We chuckle at the constant question of what do we like? We try to post at least one good stock to our Stock of the Week site every week.

We believe:

One should buy good values--or Growth at a Reasonable Price.
One should own 25 or more stocks.
One should trade infrequently.
One should "weed the garden".
One should avoid high fee brokers.
One should avoid mutual funds.
Stocks are cheap relative to bonds and real estate!