Wednesday, May 04, 2005

VOA News - Bush Lauds Capture of al-Qaida Suspect

VOA News - Bush Lauds Capture of al-Qaida Suspect

Another terrorist bites the dust!

Last night I watched an interview of a Palestinian committed to being a suicide bomber. This young man has been brain washed; he does not know right from wrong. Today, Abu Farraj al-Libbi, a top general for al-Qaida leader Osam bin Laden was captured.

Leaders such as Abu are not eager to die for the cause; they do not want to be caught. Each capture gives more information that helps lead to the next. We are winning the war against terrorism. Taking out the bad guys is the key.

Every now and then, a US politician gets on his soap box to rail against lax security here or there. The fact is that it is impossible to secure all ports, all airlines or all borders. Some years ago, crime was high in the US, laws were tightened and sentencing standards were put in place. We put more people in jail but the crime wave died.

The US is gradually backing off; allowing folks out of jail who we should be willing to pay to keep in jail. It is common knowledge that the risk is high that offenses will be repeated. Letting criminals guilty of multiple offenses out early for good behavior is a crime. We should ere on the side of the victims. The life of one little girl is worth the costs of keeping a dozen sex offenders locked up for life.

The world is learning that terrorism is wrong. The poor Iraqi's are being killed by their own people but a better day is coming.