Wednesday, May 04, 2005


I have trouble finding the words to express the fun I'm having! Yahoo!

In case you have not noticed, the stock market is making a nice run. Last week the Bulls-Bears index came close to the low set last August. Yesterday, there was a sense that the shroud of pessimism lifted. Today, the catalyst for a strong market was the tender for GM. It is typical for the catalyst to a big move to be a surprise.

The short sellers are on the run! The market move is strong enough to scare the willies out of them. Indications are that big money has come out of bonds to go into stocks!

As regular readers know, my family has loaded up the truck. We have bought all we can buy, with only modest reserves for emergencies. We own stocks and real estate and little if any bonds. We see a strong market ahead even in the face of the recent forecast of a slowing economy.

Like I said the last time we had a couple of good days, this may not be the blast-off to the moon but the move is solid. It is simply not logical for company earnings to go up and up unless the stocks tag along for the ride.

My family is holding onto this bucking bronco of a market. It is a wild ride but perseverance is about to pay rich rewards. You are invited to come along. Buy individual stocks at discounts and hold on, except to collect tax benefits on mistakes. Drop me a line if you want a little help.