Thursday, May 05, 2005

Eye On Stocks For Thursday, May 5 -

Jim Cramer did another 180 on tonight's show. He is now ranting that the shorts are caught in a squeeze. His list of highly squeezed stocks included QCOM, GOOG, SBUX, YHOO, WFMI and EBAY. The above linked article in Forbes includes info about QCOM, WFMI and others.

I'm a Bull. My portfolios have suffered in recent weeks as have most investors, I have taken advantage of the decline to "weed the garden" a little, to add beta to the portfolio and to buy as much as I can. I have sold resort rental properties and will be closing on several deals in the next several weeks.

Jim nor I nor anyone else can tell you what the market will do in the short-run but in the long-run it will go up. The quick turn in the bond market yesterday indicates that hot money is coming out of bonds and jumping onto stocks. Some sizable players have decided the "soft-patch" is over; the economy is going to be stronger than expected. The market has moved with enough force the past two days to suggest there will be follow-through.

In any event, I am staying fully invested. Corporate earnings have been very strong, inflation is under control and stocks are cheap!