Friday, April 01, 2005

Wachovia Extends Branch Hours

Wachovia Extends Branch Hours

Thank goodness the banks are finally getting the message to provide convenient hours. My family banks with Wachovia, BB&T, Lexington State Bank, CCB, Southeastern Bank and Trust and several credit unions. As investors, we have found that buying the small but fast growing community bank is the way to go. Our ETrade has also been a very successful purchase.

Online banking continues to gain share but most folks feel the need for a local branch in addition to any online bank they might use. The highest rate savings accounts and the best loan rates are available online.

A new trend for small banks and for online banks is to pay for worldwide use of ATMs. This offer is smart. It is like free parking at retail locations. I expect to see continued market share gains by online banks and many more "smart" ATMs all over.