Saturday, October 10, 2009

Yes, We Should Celebrate Columbus Day!

The European discovery of America was an important event in history. End of story; there is no valid reason to revise history; the truth should always be told.

The history of the American Indian is also important. Establishing a day to celebrate the history of the American Indian is justified. While I have no problem honoring Crazy Horse, his story is not representative of the whole story.

Perhaps, a new nationwide day of celebration should be called "Melting Pot Day". The story of America is the story of people from around the world coming together to form a common bond. October 12 would not be a bad day to celebrate "Melting Pot Day". The story of Columbus would naturally be an important part of the celebration, as would the story of the many Indians who have helped our nation become what it is. The key point is not to dishonor one part of the story in order to honor another part.

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"by commemorating
it as Columbus Day, Americans stand to ignore part of the past that deserves to be remembered."
- Should we even have a Columbus Day? | (view on Google Sidewiki)

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