Thursday, October 08, 2009

Verizon, Google Forge Powerful Android Alliance

It has long been recognized that Google Voice will be a game changer, when it becomes commonly available. The deal just announced, making Google Voice available on Verizon is a break through deal. Once excellent technology has been experienced by the masses, there is no turning back.

Many phones have been mistakenly called "Smart Phones". They actually do not become smart phones until Google Voice has been added. The potential for increased productivity with GV is huge. Once you have an Android based phone connected to Google Voice, you in essence have an electronic receptionist. Check out the details at

The reason that Android is going to win market share is because consumers correctly perceive that Android will work seamlessly with a number of free Google programs, including Google Voice. Free is a powerful marketing word. Google finds itself in the rare position of being able to offer both superior services and a lower price. It is currently as easy for Google to take market share as it was once easy for railroads to take market share from 20-mule teams.

in reference to: Technology News: Mobile: Verizon, Google Forge Powerful Android Alliance (view on Google Sidewiki)

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