Saturday, October 10, 2009

Stock Picks: Google

Credit Suisse analyst Spencer Wang has boosted his price target on Google to $600. My target is $20,000.

We are entering the "second phase" of internet advertising. Yesterday, I went to a

Verizon store and could hardly get in the door. It seems that everyone wants to upgrade to internet connected phones.

Advertisers are starting to enjoy the delivery of advertisements to people who are in a specific location at a specific time. While the exact format of this delivery is not important, an example is the "my coupons app" being used by many. This application offers discounts tailor made to the needs and location of the user.

Two things are happening: 1) advertising dollars are migrating from old systems to new and 2) advertising spending is starting to jump. Google owners should hold onto their hats. Granted, because Google is already a big company, its upside does have limits, but the advertising market is huge and Google will capture a much bigger share.
in reference to:
"Wang boosted his price target to $600 from $475. The new target implies the stock has room to rise 17% over the next year."
- Stock Picks: Google, AT&T, NetApp, Avon, Tupperware - BusinessWeek (view on Google Sidewiki)

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