Monday, October 19, 2009

I like Alex Android!

It is not the exact format, but the creative thinking that is exciting. The "phone-controller" portion of this device could be a pop-out device, the bigger device being an independent docking station!

The technology and economies of scale are upon us that will take the price of plain Jim pocket reading devices down to the pocket calculator level! With free software provided by Google and hardware subsides from service providers, "combo devices" such as this one will soon be offered "free of charge with a two-year contract". The day of the 5,000 song Hymnal, 20 version Bible "pew reader" is only a few devices away.

Keep in mind that next year, the two screens could be totally independent, but WiFi linked. A six inch touch screen could morph into a full qwerty key board before jumping back to phone mode. While the touch screen is busy displaying a Hulu show or Netflix movie, the second screen could be displaying social network comments from all viewers.

Carrying two screens on occasion would be a pleasure, no burden at all, if the combination of two small screens gave one all the functions of phone, reader and computer! I suspect a stacked arrangement or a face to face format, like a book, would be better than this 10" tall version. Since the docking concept would require separate batteries and separate radios, the combo idea might be a winning solution.

in reference to:

"work around for taking advantage of the readability and energy saving features of E-Ink, while also offering support for color graphics and multimedia"
- Alex: Dual Screen eReader With Google Android (view on Google Sidewiki)

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