Friday, October 16, 2009

Hello Gideon!

Newsweek has taken a look at the new GLO media rich electronic Bible and declared Gideon dead. In reality, Gideon (Gideon International) will counter with a very low cost electronic edition. The GLO sells for $90 and is currently only available for the PC. In a few months it will be available on hand held gadgets, but $90 is beyond the Gideon price range.

The Gideon organization has distributed over 1.3 billion Bibles, 77 million last year. Gideon produces Bibles in 90 languages and distributes in 190 countries. The opportunity to do even more is fast approaching.

Soon, low cost hand held readers will be as common as calculators. Downloading an electronic version of the Bible to a hand held reader can be done for only a few pennies. Would it not be wonderful if all the new book readers were to come with a free copy of a Gideon Bible pre-loaded?

I look forward to getting a look at the media rich GLO Bible, with the hope that the richness will be an aid to the Holy Spirit. I read somewhere today that the Bible is an ever constant and ever changing book. How true? The Word of God remains forever true, it changes in that our understanding is a work in progress.

in reference to: Digital Bible Could Hasten End of Bound Scriptures | Newsweek BeliefWatch: Lisa Miller | (view on Google Sidewiki)

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