Saturday, October 10, 2009

Barnes and Noble Wireless E-Reader

Two ideas in this article are very appealing. 1) Wi-Fi is key, 3G is not. 2) The lending option sounds fantastic.

With prices falling rapidly, one can envision having several readers "in the

house". For example, a family might have one dedicated to news, magazines and RSS feeds and another loaded with Disney Books and movies. A husband and wife might find it convenient to occasionally swap readers.

The elimination of 3G should offer download savings. Obviously, if readers are used for email and web surfing, 3G service might be important. Since it often takes me more than a couple of hours to catch up with my Google Reader, I suspect a Wi-Fi connection to be more than adequate.
in reference to:
"try out the device on the store’s Wi-Fi network"
- Barnes & Noble E-Reader Could Come Oct. 20 With Lending Options - Bits Blog - (view on Google Sidewiki)

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