Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Barnes and Noble Readers--TI Calculators

The basic reader is a relatively simple device. When Texas Instruments offered hand held calculators for $2,000 in 1966-67, there were plenty of skeptics about the ultimate success. My guess is that basic e-readers will be sell for $59 or less within 18 months and that cell phone companies will offer them free of charge with a two year service agreement.

The dual screen of the BN reader sounds interesting. I am more than ready for my RSS feeds to terminate at both my desk top Google Reader and at my hand held e-reader. Of course, they should sync.

Can you envision the day when you have multiple e-readers lying around? The $99 Wikipedia reader is also an interesting machine. Load a similar device with 20 translations of the bible and the church hymnal, bring the price down to $10 or so with manufacturing scale and most churches in America will see the electronic light. Folks who have said they will never buy a computer will spring for a $59 easy to use device.

in reference to: Barnes and Noble's E-Reader Like a Kindle/iPhone Chimera: First Photos and Details - Barnes and Nobles reader - Gizmodo (view on Google Sidewiki)

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