Tuesday, October 20, 2009

99,000 Deaths Per Year: Hospital Infections!

It is sad but true that more than twice as many people die by picking up an infection in the hospital than die from auto accidents. 1.7 million HAI's per year!

The problem is clear: the patients are not the hospitals customers. Medicare, medicaid and insurance companies are the customers. The second problem is that none of the democrats plans to reform health care, reform problem one. They all make it a bigger problem than it is now!

in reference to:

"The odds a hospital patient will be diagnosed with an HAI are 1 in 22.06, which represents an estimated 1.7 million cases each year. While about one-fifth of these are surgical site infections, the majority are unassociated with the primary medical condition and yet can be as much of a health risk, if not more, to the patient. The infections can be quite serious, complicating the primary medical condition and leading to 99,000 deaths from HAIs per year."
- Book of Odds--Health Care’s Side-Effect: Hospital-Acquired Infections (view on Google Sidewiki)

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