Tuesday, January 06, 2009

CAL up 178% in 6 months

People will tell you that airlines are economically sensitive; they are right. The good news is that CAL has gone up during the recession, just like the price of oil went up during the 2000 recession. Like they say, buy relative strength. Those who bought oil at $12 per barrel in 1999 made out like bandits, as did those who saw the trend and hopped on board by 2002 at $20 per barrel.

By the way, while only about 12 of my regular readers have joined me in the "rich media" environment of Facebook, I am confident that many others will join soon. The Star Trek era has arrived! We can't transport ourselves as fully as Captain Kirk, but we certainly can add dimension beyond the flatness of email.

I just read "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch; the Carnegie Mellon Professor, Father of Three, who lived life to the fullest, even after contracting terminal cancer. I saw the video late in 2007, but procrastinated on reading the book because I knew it would shred my heart. It was worse and better than I imagined. I cried buckets and highly recommend this quick read. There was good humor too. Randy was a huge fan of Star Trek. When I was young, I enjoyed seeing Captain Kirk whip out his communicator. Today, 10 year old kids use "Star Trek Communicators" daily. They call them cell phones.

I will post a more complete review as a note on Facebook. If you would like to look me up, my profile is open and easy to find. If you search for Jack Miller, you will find dozens but at the bottom of the page you can add West Forsyth High to single me out. If you would like me to send you a specific and direct invitation, please let me know.