Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Democrats are having a big night. Congress will be a dominated by Democrats. They will not have a filibuster proof majority but on moderate republicans might be swayed on certain legislation. Mitch McConnell will likely be able to hold the line against such egregious policies as the union check off ballot. Unions have spent fortunes of member dues trying to pass this anti-America policy. In America, we have the right to a secret ballot and it should stay that way.

Liddy Dole is out in North Carolina and John Sunni is out in New Hampshire. The good news is that the American people will no longer blame Bush for all problems. The success or failures of congress will be in the lap of democrats.

The race for the Presidency has not been declared over but the path for a McCain victory is very narrow. He must win VA, OH, NC, IN and other close races. PA and NH have been called for the democrats.

In response to Al tonight, I wrote about the Henry Hazlitt broken shop window. This is an important story for those in charge of spending public money and those who elect those people to know and to understand. I hope you all will Google Hazlitt and read chapter two of "Economics in One Lesson".

Government spending, even government deficit spending, is not the big problem. There are two problems with government spending: 1) the immoral confiscation from some to give to others and 2) the waste committed when "smart individuals" think they are smarter than the collective wisdom of the masses. One of the things that has made America what it is today is the right to own property. Only in rare instances should this right be violated. In regard to allocation of resources, Soviet planners showed time and time again how difficult it is for bureaucrats to bake the right amount of bread or to make enough pairs of jeans. Free markets also waste food and cloth but free markets rapidly correct when resources are mis-allocated. When the price of bread goes up on one side of town, free societies are quick to move bread to that side of town and vice versus.

Republican Senator from Georgia held onto his seat. Again, democrats will not be able make radical changes. Compromise will be needed to pass major legislation, this is the way the founders designed the system. They did a great job! Americans have been given much; we have great responsibility to use our blessings wisely.