Thursday, October 09, 2008

Selling Fruit Cake to Fruit Cakes!

In the absence of a miracle, Obama is going to be the next President of the US. I am amazed that the media keeps allowing him to sell fruit cakes to fruit cakes.

Obama continues the line that tax breaks have benefited only the wealthy. The IRS reports that in 1980 the bottom 95% of all income tax payers paid 63% of all US taxes. In 2006, the IRS reports that the bottom 95% of all taxpayers paid 40% of all income taxes. The bottom 95% of taxpayers have seen, on average, a 36% reduction in their actual taxes paid. This trend has been steadily going in the favor of the bottom 95% in most of the days since the Reagan cuts.

The number of hours worked by the average person fell dramatically during almost all of these years. My father and I worked 70 hour weeks during the days when we had a family to support. Today, the average US employee works less than 35 hours per week (mostly by choice). People tend to believe they work more hours than they do. Many work a 40 hour week but they take a lot of personal days and vacation days that were not nearly as available years ago. Prior to this recession, the average person has been living much better. Cooking with microwaves or eating out frequently.

It never seems that "times are good". Times always seem tough. Our children all think they grew up in very tough times and our parents got a good laugh when we talked about how much tougher our growing up years were. We must constantly remind ourselves of the words of John Adams. "We are all entitled to our own opinion, but we are not entitled to our own set of facts". Saying it ain't so enough convinces ourselves but it does not change the facts.

More than 4,100 Americans have given the ultimate sacrificial gift in the past 5 years. Pray with me for their families, but without hard individual evidence, please don't allow accusations that they have indiscriminately killed civilians and children. Never before in the history of war has human life been so protected and honored. Ask the families of the 56,000 dead in Vietnam if such great care was taken to prevent the loss of life. The reason the surge worked was because we targeted leaders and convinced the other side to rebel against the indiscriminate killing they conducted.

It is time for the public to protest the selling of fruit cake, by Obama, NBC, the Winston-Salem Journal and any number of "news outlets". How many blind, deaf, apathetic or gullible fruit cakes are there in this great country?