Monday, October 13, 2008


T-Mobil has been offering a "free" cheap Acer Laptop Computer to those willing to sign up for a $55 per month communication plan. They sold out quickly.

As I wrote the other day, there will come a time when the most sophisticated mobile computers will be available "free" to those who pay for a WiFi plan. Or, and more likely, the day will come when the WiFi plan is "free" in exchange for advertising dollars. The "production cost" of those $55 monthly plans is probably less than $5. Most of the cost is acquiring customers.

Earlier today, I mentioned that a letter sent by Pony Express from St. Louis to Sacramento cost $5. The equivalent information is routinely sent around the world and back for "free".

We live in exciting times. Make sure your children and grand children get every opportunity to learn about computing. Let them play games with kids from all over the world and in what ever language they choose. The big old world continues to grow smaller every day.