Friday, October 10, 2008


Matthew 10: 16 "I,m sending you out like sheep among wolves; so be as cunning as snakes and as innocent as doves".

Jesus did not ask us to be stupid. He expects us to understand the "ways of the world". When we pray, "Keep me from evil", we pray in two directions. We want to avoid doing evil and we want to avoid being near unrepentant evil.

McCain and Palin are trying to make Obama acknowledge at least a few of his blunders. Unfortunately, in the world of politics, as well demonstrated by Bill Clinton, one can get away with a lot if one avoids admitting mistakes.

For many years, Obama has been supported by unrepentant terrorists. William Ayers has been allowed to be a University Professor. His story is amazing. He avoided being tried because of technicalities in the law. He admits to being a former terrorist and he wishes he had been a more successful one.

Obama has been less than truthful in regard to his relationship with Ayers. In America, we remember the Boston Tea Party as an "illegal protest". We do not honor those who would kill innocents to make a political point. Obama has known Ayers for many years and has been supported by him. He should have refused to have any association with him. The man should be shunned.

Today, most Americans have little concern about terror. It seems so far away. Daily there are terrorist strikes somewhere in the world. If not checked, the situation will get very bad before it gets better. Electing to the Presidency a man who has been friends of terrorist for many years is not the solution. On the surface, the difference between a McCain Presidency and an Obama Presidency will be similar. The underlying attitudes are very different.