Friday, September 19, 2008


Hank Paulson is the most powerful man in the world. It is reported that he will request an unlimited blank check from the US Government to effect the program he is proposing. With dozens of major banks on the bring of bankruptcy protection, Hank said the word and the congressional leadership jumped. Democrats will demand a few "special provisions" but it is anticipated that they will go along with the basic plan, without adding many bells or whistles.

Bush used the bully pull pit to hammer for a focused bill and democrats have decided not to attempt to attach a second stimulus package. The bond and gold markets at first reacted in fear that the government might switch the problem from deflation to hyper inflation. The fact that democrats will not push for a Keynesian style stimulus package should be great news for stocks and lower bond yields and lower gold and oil prices.

You are living through historic times. Those who bought during the crises of old made a lot of money in the months that followed.