Friday, September 26, 2008

FW: John Allison - Letter to All Members of Congress.pdf

A regular reader and friend sent me the attached link to Chairman John Allison's letter, a letter written to all members of congress. It is a great response to some of the questions raised by Al.

Of particular note is the idea to attack the problem from the bottom up. By granting tax credits for the purchase of a home, the demand for homes would be raised. The people on main street would save the bankers on wall street instead of the other way around.

Allison did not say this but the tax credits could even be granted to those willing to assist an underwater homeowner to stay in his home. His payment would not be fully reimbursed but he would in effect become a friend and mentor to his neighbor.

Americans are good people. Give us a chance to work with one another instead of forcing us to take sides in acrimonious battles fought in congress!

Click here to read the letter.