Monday, September 22, 2008

THE $199 -- $300 COMPUTER

I find myself chomping at the bit in regard to $300 laptop computers. I do not need Vista. I am ready to own a small machine that has a very small hard drive; one that relies on Google for storage of data.

Last week, a Church near Charlotte was burned to the ground. The lament of the Pastor includes the loss of all his computer data, including many years of prepared sermons. Had the sermons been prepared as Google Documents, or if he had emailed the sermons to his free gmail address, they would have been saved and available from any Internet connected machine.

I am anxious to learn the details about the new T-Mobile Android phone. I am generally pleased with my cell phone service through Verizon. I prefer not to switch. If possible, I would love to take my Sim card out of my Verizon phone and stick it in an Android. I might even consider buying an Android as a hand held, WIFI, computer and forget about signing up for T-Mobile service. Here again, probably not possible for now.

The hand held computer, Internet computer, is on the way. Google continues to put new pieces in place. The Chrome Browser was designed to serve as an operating system. Most consumers have no need to own the massive programs offered by Microsoft. The $300 laptops do not come with a Microsoft operating system. What I really want is a machine that is a combination of a Kindle Reader and an Android phone. OK, I admit, I would like to see own many more bells and whistles on one device. The hand held computer is going to change the world. Change is coming. The first model will be out tomorrow. Samsung and others will have models out in a few months. If these machines make it simple as pie to carry ones Google accounts in ones pocket, they will be a blessing.