Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Last night, Hillary apparently delivered three speeches. To the talking heads at CNN, Hillary made a great speech in which she gave Obama a powerful boost. She made a generous speech that was not about her, but about a democratic win in November. To the talking heads at NBC, Hillary made a great speech. She rallied the troops for a win in November. To the talking heads at FOX, Hillary made a wonderful speech for her own benefit, she said all the words necessary to support democrats in the fall, but she did not personally endorse Obama. She never said that Obama is qualified to be president or that he would make a good president. Her speech came just hours after Bill Clinton implied that Obama will not be able to accomplish anything if elected.

Daily tracking poll shows that McCain got a bounce from the selection of Biden as VP. The daily Gallup poll has swung to 45 McCain, Obama 43. The daily Rasmussen poll has moved to a dead even heat. Obama will get a bounce from the convention but probably only 5 or 6 points worth.

Obama's selection of Biden was made in preparation for the coming stand off with Iran. Obama said yesterday that the US should increase the diplomatic pressure on Iran before Israel decides to attack Iran. Biden was the only one of 22 Senators on the Armed Services Committee to vote against sanctions against the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. It was the non partisan 9-11 Committee, pushed by democrats, that determined that the IRG was an active participant in various plots to kill US troops, including the bombing in Lebanon, way back in 1983, in which 243 US Marines were killed. The IRG has been actively training Hizbollah, Iraqi and other terrorist groups.

I must run. The summary of the above is that the Obama-Biden team is out of step with the importance of ending state support of terror. The US and allies have already demonstrated the ability to embargo Iranian oil. Ships are on the way to Iran. Iran is being given one last time to consider its options. Gold and oil are up. These commodities will turn down hard after the situation in Iran is resolved.