Friday, August 08, 2008


The price of oil bit 6.5 billion consumers hard; relief is here. The price has fallen from $147 to $116 in a few weeks. Today, Iraq announced it will resume oil exploration, after a 20 year break. Today's $4 reduction times 85 million barrels is a savings to consumers of 340 million dollars, 124 billion dollars per year in economic relief. The drop from the peak of $147 to the current $116, $31 represents annual relief of almost a trillion dollars.


Plentiful new supplies, coming on line, will supply us well until the 36 nuclear power plants now under construction and the 93 more on order are built. The 200 planned nuclear plants will enable us to begin the eliminate the inefficient internal combustion engine.

The future is bright. Just last week, a discovery was made that will lower the cost of industrial magnets dramatically. As a result, electric wheel motors will become all the more competitive. The cars of today lose most of their energy to heat and to the process of transferring power from the motor to the wheel.

I was certainly wrong in that the turn was 18 months later than I expected. Few people realized the extent Bush was going to make sure the war on terror is won. When Bush talked about calling on all nations to do their part, it seemed unlikely that Russia or China or India or Saudi Arabia would go much effort to "help the cause". It took a lot of diplomacy but Russia and China are major allies on the war on terror. They each have a lot to lose and a lot to win by success in this war. The result is a coming historic shift. It may be hard to believe it now but many countries, including Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq and Iran are going to help eliminate suicide bombs.

The market smells success. You have been told about it and have seen events start unfolding. It is up to you to find the resources to take advantage of these incredible times! Add to your investment account and buy something!