Monday, July 14, 2008

Multiple Rabbits Out of Multiple Hats

Pretty soon, a lot of people are going to believe President Bush is a magician, pulling multiple rabbits out of multiple hats. Bush has a lot working in his favor. Can you imagine the difficulty Bush would have had in getting congress to grant 5.8 Billion Dollars in loans to Pakistan? However, the Saudis just announced a "loan" of 5.8 Billion Dollars worth of oil. The Saudis have been bankrolling a list of projects to "buy the peace". With Syria and Israel on the brink of an historic peace agreement, the world has the Saudis to thank. Several pipelines, are helping various nations, including Syria, participate in record oil profits.

Meanwhile, the Saudis are taking in revenues of more than $600 Billion per year. The Saudis have increased production by more than a million barrels per day in recent months. They plan to increase production by another 700,000 barrels in the near future and by still another 1.2 million barrels within a couple more years. They are assisting the west in keeping maximum pressure on Iran, while adding to their US Dollar reserves.

Peak oil my foot. One of the fields just brought on line was mothballed for years, waiting for demand to catch up with supply. At current production rates, the UAE will run out of oil in 92 years. More than 500 billion barrels of Saudi oil are currently not even classified as reserves. In the USA new Bakken wells are coming in stronger than expected. Each gusher raises the estimates for the amount of oil in the USA.

A couple of weeks ago, it became clear that terrorist being chased out of Iraq were migrating to the sanctuary of the mountains of Pakistan/Afghanistan. This week it is clear that they will be given no quarter. About one hundred thousand allied troops are closing in from the Afghanistan side, about one hundred thousand Pakistani soldiers are closing in from the Pakistani side and US Air resources are busy striking targets on both sides of the border, without protest from the Pakistani government. Just a few months ago, the Pakistanis were not in favor of US air attacks, but money talks! The US just lost 9 soldiers and another 15 wounded in a major battle. The only reason for the terrorist to take on the USA in a major battle is an act of desperation. War is tough but the alternative is greater war. The resolve of the US is strong. The support for terror is dying.

Lots of Rabbits

The Bush administration just backed off tightening interstate CO2 rules. So far, environmentalist have hardly let out a squawk. More than 99% of all greenhouse gases are produced by nature, not by man, but this has little to do with the current turn in sentiment. Our congressional representatives have read the latest polls. Only very safe politicians can speak out on the environment when facing a lynch mob carrying a hangman's noose. If a district has the slightest chance of going republican, you better believe the democrat in power is watching this energy question closely. Some are trying to catch up with Obama.

Watching Obama take a hard right has been a sight to behold. A month ago, no one would have predicted such a sharp turn. He has taken a page out of the Bill Clinton campaign book. Bill was amazingly able to run to the right of Bob Dole. Bill ultimately signed off on welfare reform, capital gains tax cuts and NAFTA. He was, in many ways, a "good" republican. Is it possible that Obama will turn into a an even better republican? Not likely, but money talks! In yet another surprise, Obama just decided to support the nuclear agreement reached with India. As reported earlier, nuclear power is ready to soar.

Obama is preparing for a trip to Iraq, in order to reassess his position! He now supports a corporate tax cut. He now supports grants to faith based charities. He now accepts the error of late term abortions. He is suddenly all for the right to bear arms. Before this week is out, he is likely to support drilling for oil. He and other democrats will bargain for silly subsidies for some poor alternative but what is odd about that, even good republicans keep voting for wasteful government spending. Sweet potatoes are a wonderful alternative to corn and since the price of corn is now so high, should we start paying Pepsi to make Frito's out of sweet potatoes? Maybe we should pay a few science friends billions to study using sweet potato syrup to make Pepsi.

Democrats have gone about as far down the peak oil as they can go. Pretty soon, they will have to line up in support of releasing oil reserves.

Stranger Things Have Happened

The Iraqi government is now promoting the democrats argument for a withdrawal time table. I know it sounds upside down but McCain needs for the troops in Iraq to be "the main" topic. If Obama's way had been accepted, the US would have already left Iraq in defeat. As it is, the war is being won. The "new situation" is that some US troops will remain in Iraq after the UN mandate expires. Other troops will be headed home because the war has gone well. The democrats will have a hard time not questioning the legality of leaving the troops there but they will not dare vote to remove them. O how neat it is to see a magician pull a rabbit out of an empty hat!