Friday, July 11, 2008

Mandatory Conservation -- Forcing a Teenager to Go to Church

Democrats are making a mistake similar to that of trying to force religion on a teenager. Democrats are coming out in favor of drilling for oil, provided forced conservation measures are included. Put this CD in the player and press rewind! The last time this happened, rebels refused to go along. After the forced conservation measures were passed for cars, the public bought trucks. When will congress learn?

Democrats love taxes because taxes give them the funds to buy votes. They love hidden taxes best of all. It has been a fact for many years that car companies can make cars that get 100 miles or more to the gallon. The cost of these cars would be astronomical or they would be non air-conditioned mini skate boards. The public has not been willing to pay the price. The situation has changed and the public is willing so the congress is ready to be the drum major. The mandates anticipated by the democrats would not produce 100 mile per gallon cars but 40 to 60 miles is a consideration. Using current technology, it is estimated that 40 to 60 mile per gallons cars, such as hybrids, have an economic payoff for the average driver if gasoline goes to about $6.70 per gallon. We are not there and we will not go there. Many of us would substitute a portion of our travel to motor scooters before we would pay $6.70. Never-the-less, the good congress is willing to force religion upon us.

It is a good thing that democrats are ready to drill, under some circumstances. My tirade about the Iranians being like bank robbers caught in the act applies to congress. I am on vacation, it is time to hit the beach, no time to go into great detail but you get the picture. A good analogy is to programs that mandate volunteerism, an oxymoron if there ever was one. When these programs are tried, such as the freshman year at certain colleges, before long there is volunteer point inflation. The student who needs 50 volunteer points credit might be offered all 50 points from a professor who would like to receive 10 points worth of help. At the end of the day, the system was cheated and the student and the professor were turned into cheats. What did the student learn?

The sad thing is that it looks like weeks before a compromise is reached by the democrats and by the Iranians. Democrats understand we need to drill but they will save face by adding mandatory conservation. Iranians know they need to sign on help prevent terror and to use nuclear fuel peacefully but they will save face by seeking special considerations. In the mean time, the markets move forward. A new gas pipeline will take gas from Egypt to Jordon to Syria to Turkey and to Europe. Another proposed pipeline will take gas from Libya to Egypt. Egypt is the biggest supplier of gas to Israel and Syria is set to earn revenue for transporting gas. It is easy to see why Syria is ready to join in the peace agreements. It is easy to see why Syria is willing to cut some of its ties with Iran. Leave people to look after their own best interest, without harming others and good deals will be done. Will the American people cut ties with democrats? Democrats willing to hold high oil prices hostage to political considerations!