Wednesday, June 11, 2008


The shut downs in Europe have made the news. There are protest around the world in regard to high food and high energy prices. It is still true that when wealthy Americans catch cold, Europeans catch the flue and Asians and Africans die.

The nations that provide "free health care" typically offer gasoline at $8 to $10 per gallon. Uncle Milton was right that there is no free lunch.

I don't remember who but I recall that a republican introduces a bill year after year that would open up ANWAR and our coast for drilling. Apply our current oil policy to agriculture and we would outlaw the use of bottom land and only farm steep hill sides and deserts.

The key point of noting the protest around the world is to note that consumers are ready to do what it takes to reduce consumption. My 28 year old daughter, a professional counselor, is driving a scooter to and from work! The price of oil is set up for a big fall.

On Wed, Jun 11, 2008 at 8:59 AM, Lamar wrote:

My niece is attempting to leave Spain from a two week school trip. I say attempting due to the fact that the truck unions in Spain are striking due to high oil prices and therefore shutting down the highway system. Their complaint- the $10 per gallon price of fuel. As you might guess, about 75% of the price is tax ( my guess). The Europeans are also complaining about some gov't's push to increase the work week ie France. While my niece was over there, she was telling my sister about their healthcare system. Basically it is only anecdotal evidence but she says the health care product is below average with long waits. Has anyone seen any of this in the news. Seems to me when strikers shut down highways in a so-called modern country, the national news would at least publish the story.

Bottom line the Europeans are struggling with a lethargic economy, high taxes ( oil is not the only source of taxes ) and poor services.

Our country's dems have been bragging about the better way as evidenced by the european model for decades now. They have slowly been instituting more European style programs to corral the American people. If this is what we want, so be it. It just seems to me that we Americans should know what exactly the Dems are offering.

One final comment- when was the last time any politician, regardless of party, demanded, introduced or publicly discussed drilling for oil in the to-date off-limit areas eg Anwar.

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