Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Sue Myrick, congresswoman from Charlotte, has introduced a bill to allow OCS drilling, it is supported by the congresswoman from Forsyth. Sue cites a US Department of Interior study that estimates at least 29 Trillion Cubic Feet of natural gas off our coasts. The study goes on to say that the total could be 420 Trillion Cubic Feet or more! We do not know how much is there but, for the sake of political triangulation, it is better for politicians not to find out. It is hard to confuse an issue if the facts are clear!

Our Senators are split. Burr supports drilling, Dole does not. Burr voted against the wasteful farm bill, Dole is the power politician who wins goodies for her district at the expense of us all. She is proud of getting $25 billion in subsidies for vegetable growers in Southern States while forcing those vegetable growers to support hundreds of billions of other subsidies. Why should a tax payer who grows his own vegetables pay any farmer for growing vegetables? Why should anyone else?

Our governor does not support drilling. He and his buddies in the legislature like to play power games too. In this case, they have forced power plants to be inefficient in exchange for goodies. They allow Duke Power to charge more in a three way split between Duke, the politicians and the lobbyist. The price per citizen is only a few cents here and a few cents there. The people of the state are like sheep being sheared. We like having our backs massaged by the shears.