Monday, June 30, 2008

The GIFT of Life -- Wake Forest University and Nuclear Power

Wake Forest University has developed what appears to be the GIFT of life for those with cancer. Some 5 years ago a lab rat survived the worst of cancers and today WFU is ready to start human trials on a new treatment for cancer. The new technique has cured 100% of rats infected by certain advanced cancers! The technique is called Granulocyte Infusion Therapy or GIFT. The procedure involved is to do a selective blood transfusion from donor to patient. Certain white blood cells are transferred. Of course, human trials will begin slowly and the waiting list is long. The current treatment cost of $100,000 will come down rapidly once the trial stage is over. Pray for success as human trials do not always work out as well as animal trials.

Rebirth of Nuclear Power

The gift of life is also being granted by the rebirth of nuclear power. If power is rated by death rate caused, coal power is very expensive and nuclear power is very cheap. Natural gas and other sources are between the extremes but still quite deadly when compared to nuclear. Wind power is expensive and very expensive for birds that fly too close.

The upside down and backward story here is the fact that nuclear power holds great promise for helping to bring about world peace. Deals are in the works that will increase trade between nations and thus lower the risk of war. The total value of nuclear power deals in the foreseeable future is huge.

Oil producing countries such as Nigeria and the UAE are working on nuclear power deals (many others as well). It makes infinite sense for them to use oil weath to build nuclear power plants which will in turn allow them to save expensive oil for the export market and for the future.

Indian Breakthrough

The Prime Minister of India just eliminated a difficult choice. It appears that he has worked out a deal to save his job and to move forward with his nuclear 123 Agreement. Russia has already delivered the fuel for the start-up of an Indian power plant that has been suffering from lack of fuel and Russia has already contracted to build 4 more plants once USG sanctions are lifted. It has been reported that India will announce its final decision on July 3rd. A quick decisions is needed because the process for India requires approvals by more than one international group.

On June 20, Russia and Europe began work on a new 123 Agreement. These 123 Agreements are sometimes called "civilian use of atomic energy agreements". The key provisions of these new agreements include the responsibility of all signers to help prevent terrorism and to help promote the safe use of nuclear power.

Professor William H. Miller recently reported on that the US has used 327 of 500 metric tons of ore provided by excess Russian Nuclear Warheads. Over the past few years, more than 50% of US nuclear fuel has been coming from these excess warheads. Even so, since US nuclear fuel recycling was banned during the Carter Administration, the US has accumulated over 55,000 metric tons of spent fuel. This huge natural resource is currently seen as a liability. Russia has the technology and equipment to safely recycle this fuel and the 123 Agreement currently before Congress calls for Russia and the US to reduce the number of warheads and the amount of stored waste. Part of the reason France has been able to supply 80% of its power needs with nuclear energy is because it has been recycling its fuel for 30 years or so.

The Wind Has Changed Directions

The US Congress is a rooster sitting on top of an arrow. Something we call a weather vane. The winds are shifting.

During the 1970's, the left leaning news outlets combined with a group of gloom and doom scientist and environmentalist to convince the majority that the next ice age was on its way. By the end of the 70's, efficient and profitable companies such as Exxon were painted as the demons of the world and forced to pay wind fall profit taxes. High taxes on US companies forced the US to get more and more of its oil from foreign sources. Here we go again. Today, the left has convinced the world that gloom and doom are just around the corner due to the opposite of an ice age. The solution is once again to bash efficient and profitable companies such as Exxon. The plan is to raise the price of gasoline and to use the extra price to support lobbyist, representatives and their friends.

Jim McTague has written an article for Barrons that illustrates the crazy wind shifts we have seen. It is a fact that after the oil price increases of the 1970's, Chevron discovered 2.6 Trillion Cubic Feet of natural gas 25 miles off the coast of Florida. By the time it was discovered, the price of gasoline had fallen sharply. The congress joined with the local governor (Jeb Bush) to put this gas off limits. The fields had been leased, the gas had been discovered but Chevron could not get the permits to drill. A couple of weeks ago, a number of members of congress and the governor of Florida suddenly changed their minds. They now support drilling for this gas.

For a group of politicians to willingly prohibit access to Trillions of Dollars worth of fuel, it shows the power of the media and the lobbyist. It also shows the apathy of the public. When the price of gasoline was around $1 per gallon, the public paid little attention to the games played by special interest groups.

Over the past 18 months or so, the poll numbers have made two dramatic shifts. The majority has switched from don't drill to drill and the importance of the issue has surged to the top. Last week, I wrote that Liddy Dole was against drilling. She has seen the "surge" and has wisely changed her position. How much pressure will it take to get Hillary to switch? How about Obama?

Bankruptcy Will Cause an Emotional Response!

When the news of ethanol refinery bankruptcies becomes a major story, the insanity of spending billions to subsidize inefficient methods of energy production will be hard to defend. If the majority realize that the media and politicians have been offering false hope, the support for drilling for oil and building nuclear power plants will surge. A story in the demonstrates the point. England has also fallen into the trap of granting heavy subsidies for noisy, non-productive wind mills. Now that nuclear power is being given a fresh look, it did not take a reporter long to discover that the grand total of the energy produced by all 2,000 wind mills built in England is not half as much as any one the 50 coal or nuclear powered plants.

Since 1980, after Three Mile Island virtually shut down the construction of nuclear plants, the energy produced by nuclear plants has increased by over 400%. Recently GE announce a reduction in fuel cost of 70% and Toshiba announced an increase in fuel efficiency of 50%. The cost of the lowest cost source of electricity is going down!

Great strides have been made in increasing the efficiency of wind mills and solar panels. Neither has even come close to the efficiency of nuclear.


1) Attitudes are changing; realistic solutions to high energy prices are being sought.
2) New technologies are increasing the length of life and lowering the cost of living.
3) The age of ultra low cost electricity is near.
4) Death rates make a strong case for nuclear power.
5) Former enemies are 'beating swords into plowshares' in order to participate.
6) Sponsors of terror are not allowed to join.
7) There will be wars and more wars but nuclear power deals are helping to spread peace.