Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I know I sound like a broken record but it is common knowledge that DAL is in merger talks with UAUA and NWA. It is also believed that CAL will merge with the one not purchased by DAL. In both cases, the mergers will not involve cash buyouts but will be "mergers of equals". This means the new shares will represent a fair portion of the prior ownership. The mergers will result in reduced overlapping and competitive routes, higher fares and lower costs. WOW! Talk about getting your cake and eating it too! Mama is coming to Sunday Dinner and she is bringing the banana pudding!

Please note, the FOMC is still behind the curve. The fed funds rate is still too high at 3.5%. The two year note is trading at 1.8%. How quickly will the FOMC respond. Certainly they will give the congress the time to pass a "great stimulus package" for the benefit of us little people!