Friday, July 21, 2006


Folks, commercial and industrial loans are up at the annual rate of 15.3%! Capital spending is taking off like it did in the 1990's. Lodging construction is up 51%! Airlines are flying with 85% of all seats full! Unemployment is below 5%! The US dollar is holding relatively firm. China is growing at better than 11% and the entire world economy is growing at the unprecedented rate of 4%. If you cannot make money in the stock market under these conditions, when will you ever make money? Sadly, I happen to know that one of the folks who has read my material for about three years, has lost money in the market during this time. This is sad for me because the accounts I manage have done extremely well during this time; volatile yes, but also profitable. My services are offered free of charge. I make a lot of mistakes, for example just this week, I did a tax swap on Apple just before it jumped $6 per share. The point is that I can help you and your friends and if there was ever a time to be in the market, now is the time....(WRITE, Let's talk about it)