Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I offer $50 cash to the person who makes the closest guess of this quarters CAL earnings.

In the airline business, the first quarter is typically a losing quarter. The spring summer and fall is when the airlines make their money. It has now been almost five years since the business took the 9/11 blow. Costs have been cut and revenues have been growing. The following is the recent history of first and second quarter earnings at CAL:

first quarter second quarter
2003 -3.38 $1.01
2004 -2.35 -.42
2005 -2.79 1.26
2006 -.46 ???

The consensus estimate of Wall Street Analyst is $1.35.

I will not make a guess but I invite friends, family and investors to make their best guess. Only the winners name and guesstimate will be revealed.

There is no cost so you have nothing to lose. Send your estimate one time by email. Once you have made your guess you are not allowed to change the number. Send your response by June 20 to be a valid entry.