Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Last week the Wall Street Journal reported on the amount of
power taken up by search engines and Internet services in
general. According to the journal, “One large data center can consume
enough juice to power a small city of 30,000 to 40,000 people.”

And then there’s Google……….

To give you an idea of the company’s growth, and why we like it so much,
Google has a new development on the Columbia River which will eventually
comprise of three buildings the size of two football fields with twin cooling plants.

Note the following statistics quoted from last weeks New York Times writers, John Markoff and Saul Hansel.

“In March 2001, when (Google) was serving about 70 million
Web pages daily, it had 8,000 computers….By 2003 the number
had grown to 100,000.

“Today…the best guess is that Google now has more than
450,000 servers spread over at least 25 locations around the

And Google just keeps on going.

Google was trading at $388 yesterday, today (6/21) at 11am it’s at $395
Go, Go Google!