Wednesday, March 15, 2006


All the big internet companies, including Amazon, Yahoo, MSFT, EBAY and Google are developing MEGA COMPUTER NETWORKS. Storage space on personal computers is about to become your personal back up space. You will not really even need to use it.

The link above takes you to the description of the new Amazon service; unlimited secure storage. Google offers unlimited storage space for the current price of "free". The world of computing is changing rapidly. Google in particular offers programs that make the old way just that.

Why pay for a word processor? The new Google word processor is a superior product because it is designed for collaboration across the internet. A letter or any document can be posted, edited by anyone who is granted permission and stored for all members of the organization to recall at any later date.

The convergence of systems is moving forward. Everything from Skype Me buttons on EBAY to video downloads from many a maker available from internet providers.

We are now in the consumer wins phase. Consumers will see more and more services available and the costs will be very reasonable. Content owners are fighting hard to maintain their "semi-oligopolies" but there is going to be a lot of "stuff" available. It will be made available by the MEGA COMPUTER NETWORK PROVIDERS.