Thursday, March 30, 2006


The world discovers the value of the World’s #1 retail company. Although the US contributes 80% of Walmartsales, WMT increased its international business 18% last year with international profits at $3 billion.
Operating in 44 countries, with 2,276 stores outside of the U.S., (3700 in the US) WMT reported $56.3 billion in overseas sales for 2005. WMT is not only building stores around the world, but distribution centers to receive and process store goods. These centers are 10 times the local stores. China has several distribution centers to supply the countries 56 stores and. Wal-Martplans to hire 150,000 people in China over the next five years, to accommodate it’s plans for major store expansion. WMT power lies not only in its product distribution, but in its influence over employees and it’s markets. Retail Forward, Inc. has predicted that Wal-Martwill top $500 billion by 2010. That will translate into more power and more countries.
Some Facts on WMT according to MSN Money:
--Revenue in year ended Jan. 31: $312.43 billion, making it the world's largest retailer
--Profit: $11.23 billion.
_ More than 5,700 stores, including Wal-Mart and Sam's Club warehouses.
_ About 1.7 million employees, whom the company calls "associates."
_ Headquarters: Bentonville, Ark.
_ History: The first Wal-MartDiscount City opened in 1962, although founder Sam M. Walton had operated variety stores going back to 1945 in Arkansas. The first Sam's Club opened in 1984, and the first Super center, combining groceries and merchandise, opened in 1988. Since 1992, the company has ventured overseas, including Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Germany and the United Kingdom.