Tuesday, March 21, 2006


GOOGLE's at it again--Today Google introduced Google Finance.
Google Finance exhibits Google's strength through connection.
Built entirely on licensed data and links to external sources some ot the things you can expect to find on Google Finance are interactive charts with historical prices and volumnes, links to related news stories and portfolio tracking. In addition to links to external data through Reuters and Morningstar, Google will link to blogs and google groups for stock related discussions. I found the stock information page to be thorough, user friendly, specific, and up to date. When searching for particular information on a company, Google Finance offers charts, summaries, facts, financial details, and links to discussion groups and other resources. This new resource will quickly become a tool for the novice and expereinced investors.Wikipedia will offer information "About the Company" and Options information will be given through Marketwatch. Yahoo Finance is onboard offering comparison charts and research.

Goggle's got the bases loaded with a Grand Slam hitter at the plate. We've been preaching it for years,"GO GOOGLE, GO!"

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