Thursday, March 23, 2006

Google Base Search Box Within Main Google Results

When Google Base was first announced, I said it was going to be very BIG. My opinion has not changed.

In recent weeks, it has been announced that Google Basewill be used by several major retailers in Europe to sort and display their wares. The article linked above shows how ubiquitous Google Baseis going to become.

The idea is that when one searches through the "normal" Google Search Box, one will occasionally be offered drop down boxes to "define" the search. In the example given, a search for homes for sale might bring back a drop down list for locations or for listing type.

Multiple listing services have frustrated many folks by trying to "hoard the info". I have personally been frustrated in trying to keep track of properties for sale or properties that have sold in Myrtle Beach SC.

Those with property for sale will be foolish not to list properties on Google Base. MLS should export all listing summaries to Google Base. As should many other information data bases.

The process can be automated. Thus, the effort to reach thousands of potential customers can be minimal. Like my old friend, Jim Brinkley has often said, in business, economics always wins; another way of saying that if you build a better mouse-trap the world will beat a path to your door.

Google Basesearch boxes are going to start showing up more and more often. Many other exciting advances are being made almost daily. Recently, Yahoo added VoIP to its instant messaging service, EBAY added text message bill pay and Google. added Google Finance. All of these are competitive products that will grow a huge audience. Google Basemay prove to be the most important of them all.