Tuesday, February 21, 2006


A paradigm shift is underway. It is incredible.

For the past 7 years or so, my wife and I operated a small computer network in our office. We had one server and 5 desk-top computers. We never learned how to use one hundredth of the computing power we owned.

When I bought my first computer in the 1970's, I soon had the hope, that one day, operating a computer would be like most of us operate a car. We get in and drive. Most drivers do not need to know how to change the oil or how to tune the engine.

Unfortunately, the small business operator for the past many years has needed to know too much about operating computers. Good news is on the way.

Google is one of the leaders in the new paradigm. Google now offers domain name services to businesses and other groups. One of the first to use the service is a college with 10,000 students. It will be interesting to see where this leads. The possibilities are unknown. The starting point is that Google is providing and maintaining servers for these groups. A company like Google can keep our viruses, reduce spam and develop specialized computing services better than a small company or other organization.

For many years, I have looked forward to the day when my church members are truly connected through the internet. Good things will happen as the ability to easily communicate and share information expands.

The news is great news for efficiency and productivity and for continued low interest rates. Capital spending will be lower than it would otherwise be in the short run. In the long run, standards of living will continue to rise and relative wealth will be spread around the world.

While the story sounds polyanish, it is a great and true story. We live in exciting times. Freedom is spreading. Governments are still oppressive but, in general, learning to be less so. Even the Chinese are gaining access to more and more information by the day.

During a recent bible study session, it was interesting to note the attitude shift that is occurring. Parents are learning to allow their children to learn via the internet. The cartoon "For Better or Worse" ran a series that shows the maturity level of teenagers who have been exposed to life via the internet.

My youngest daughter learned to read and write on the computer. She has abilities that her Mom and I will never have. My oldest daughter teaches school children how to use the computer, a class that didn't exist when I was in school. The world is changing. The change has the power of that brought on by the Gutenberg press. A new age of knowledge and productivity is at hand. I urge you to embrace the new technologies, learn how to use them and enjoy the benefits.