Friday, February 24, 2006


Dr John Rutledge has some interesting comments on the Dubai Port Deal and drawing captiol investors to America—take a look.

Forbes has listed the top 10 things they predict will change the way we live

Employee Headcounts puts Microsoft at more than 6 times bigger than Yahoo and 11 as big as than Google, at least in terms of employees. Google is growing much faster than Yahoo these days. Over the last two years, Google's average employee growth rate has been 100%, while Yahoo's was at 34%, and Microsoft's was at 10%. If the current growth rates continued, Google would surpass Yahoo's headcount in 2007, and Google would be bigger than Microsoft in 2010 reports that health care spending in the US is expected to double by 2015

The Consumer Price Index showed New car prices up 0.6 percent, the biggest rise in a year, while airline fares shot up 1.2 percent, the biggest increase since a 1.5 percent rise last October—we still believe in airline stock. See our Stock of the Week

SOME POSITIVE NEWS: In the Doomsday press, all you read about is the near-$10 trillion in household debts, but have you heard anyone quote the $61 trillion in gross assets, six times the debt totals, resulting in net assets of $51 trillion (61 minus 10). In the 2.5 years since the 2003 tax cut, per capita net worth has increased 16%, and the average household is now 27% better off than in 1998, in the middle of the stock market bubble. And U.S. household wealth has almost doubled since 1995. That's not counting business, which controls an $11 trillion "savings glut" of hoarded cash. Read More