Thursday, February 16, 2006


Current Value of the SOW Portfolio:
Simple Return: 45.03%
S & P 500 Value : $134,536
Simple Return:5.59%
Treasury Bond Value : $125,260
Simple Return: -2.11%

As we have been writing for the last two years, Individual Stocks are the place to be. Stocks continue to outperform equal investments in the S & P 500 and the Treasury Bond index Be sure to check out other Stock of the Week picks to see if any are right for you. We bought Air Methods (AIRM) in November at $13.99 and today it posted at $24.20--a 72% return in just 4 months. Another great performer for us beside the airline stocks have been US Gypsum (USG) up 160% since last April and (JCTFC) Jewett Cameron up 51% since last July

Past performance does not guarantee future performance. We make no recommendations! But share out of our own personal interest.