Tuesday, January 03, 2006



I love it, I love it, I love it. Wouldn't you like to own a wireless computer that that is cheap to buy, simple to use and does not need Microsoft Windows or other complicated software? I would love it.

So far we are talking about a rumor. The rumor goes that the cheap computers will be sold through Wal-Mart. This part of the story makes it sound like more rumor than fact. On the other hand, we know that a lot of work is being put into building cheap laptops. If a laptop does not need extensive memory or complicated hardware, it does not need high powered batteries.

We are talking about a revolution here.

The pocket cell phones simply do not have the screen or the computing power needed to serve as a true internet terminal. With CBS, ABC, NBC, Disney, Fox and others cranking out content for portable viewing, the avalanche is ready to start.

The year 2006 is going to be a memorable one in the history of communications; free phone calls, mobile TV and internet access from cheap hand held computers; dramatic productivity growth, low inflation and a strong stock market?

2005 was my best year in the stock market ever; thanks to Google, CAL, AMR, ET, AMTD and a number of other great moves. 2006 is ready for lift off. While the short term outlook is clouded by what the FOMC and the oil market are going to do, declining inflation and declining long interest rates are powerful forces ready to give stocks a strong boost.

The demand for metals is fooling a lot of folks. They see this demand as highly inflationary. Certainly the price increases in energy and metals is an inflationary factor. It appears that the metals markets are preparing for the sale of billions of cheap computers. Although the capacity utilization of semiconductor plants has never recovered from the 2001 collapse, the growth rate for the past two years has been extremely strong. The metals markets appreciate that demand is going to explode when billions of the worlds citizens start purchasing inexpensive hand held computers.

Here is a question for the crude oil super bulls. How many gallons of gasoline will be saved when GPS enabled devices are suddenly owned by most drivers? How many trips will be avoided if one can make a free picture phone call to anyone from virtually anywhere?

The build out will take time. The hand writing is already on the wall. It does not take the prophet Daniel to see that a new era is at hand.

Are you ready to buy a $100 computer that will do more from anywhere than what your current desk top can do? I am ready!

Go Google Go! Do the Google Gulp!