Tuesday, January 10, 2006


11,000 and counting!

For the first time since 2001 when 9/11 interrupted our lives The Dow has hit 11,000
The Phychological effect of hitting 11,000

Fred Witzel highlights how hitting 11,000 is proof that the U.S.economy has weathered several finanical storms over recent years.

The Bull Trader notes that hitting 11,000 will strengthen investor confidence

2006 Historically as January goes...so goes the rest of the year---2006 should be the year of the Bull!

Gold hits 25 Year Peak--up more than 5 percent from a week ago, 18 percent from some two months earlier and 30 percent from a year ago. The price has more than doubled in five years.

Reuters discusses the pricing history and China's interest in diversifying into Gold

Now Public discusses gold and the history of it's price increases as it relates to public opinion of the economy.

Check out the BBC for a European opinion. BBC News indicates that the rise in gold prices in Europe indicates a move away from the American dollar.

Bloomberg reports that the Newmont Mining Corp., the world's largest producer of gold, says the price of gold is expected to rise to more than $1,000 in the next five years.

John Battelle gives a great perspective on the new Google Video and Google in general. Battelle comments that Google is officially a big company and is acting like it!

The White House has posted a list of Bush's Accomplishments in 2005--Check it out--

Chad Brand with The Peridot Capitalist lists the largest US Companies by Market Value