Thursday, January 05, 2006

ABC News: Google Set to Sell Video From CBS, NBA

ABC News has picked up on the blog reports that Google will sell video. ABC says the announcement will be made tomorrow at the CES show in Las Vegas. The report is that deals have already been made with CBS and the NBA.

So far, there are no details to share in regard to payment systems or the price of shows. It is my hope that "re-runs" will be available at very low prices. I love to watch old movies and even old sports events.

Last night, Vince Young had a heck of a performance as a college football quarterback. If you did or did not see it, you would enjoy watching it. Tens of thousands of high school and college football players could use the USC-Texas game as a learning lab. Mistakes were made but the game was one of the most exciting of all time. I am not a fan of either school but it was a great game, worth seeing more than once.

This Saturday, I will be at the UNC-NC State game. I look forward to it with great anticipation because, if my young Tar Heel team plays a great game, they may knock off one of the best teams in the country. I will TIVO the game but it would be nice if Google had it on file.

The way billions of people watch TV is about to change. The potential revenues to Google, Yahoo and the content providers are huge.